To My Beloved

To My Beloved

A love letter to My Beloved.

Your presence is like the swaddling cloth for a newborn baby, soft and sweet, I am wrapped close to you, Father. In your presence I am safe. Loved. I am not alone. I am never alone. It is a special time when I sit in Your presence and its like a cloaked perfume in the air, tugging me away from the shadows in my mind.

Your love is better than life. David sang about this in the Psalms but I know this to be true. Your love gives me life. Your love gives me hope. Your love gives me beautiful images of golden streets and knighted men. Of broken people restored whole ,with lightened shoulders and wrinkled cheeks from smiling instead of empty sorrow robbing their health.

My Beloved, You are My King. The King of Kings. The Most beautiful King to ever reign. You are the Most Beautiful One to have ever graced this Earth. This time-space. My Beloved, you Are forever my King and forever My Beloved. May I learn to love more like you love. May I learn to walk more like you.

Would You grace me with Your presence just once more and I may sink into sleep, lulled by Your fragrance of sea-wind-fire-light.


May the sun shine on Your face, Papa. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be creator of this world and to see your children in chaos and destruction. I imagine you must get vexed but you also love us so much. I pray that You would teach us how to love like you love and see with Your eyes, look upon your creation with love and compassion, even amidst the darkness and chaos. For the dark has not defeated the light yet. The dark has not overcome the light (John)

Your love is better than life (Psalm) Your love is better than life itself, Papa. Your love is so beautiful. You are love, you have taught us to love, without conditions. Please stretch us, Beloved.

I hope that we can journey together and explore what an intimate relationship looks like through art, music, science, journalling, walking, meeting with people.

What does love look like in a loveless world where cruelty is the coldness in the air? The darkness shadows the world, but yet it has not overcome the light of the world. Jesus. His love defies this darkness. We are called to love like he loves, and to walk like he walks. He did not turn away the stranger, the prostitute, his mother. He was both bold and meek, humble as a servant.


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